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Cold Weather and the hens and spring plans

This was one of those mornings I'd rather be in bed, but lucky for me I have a fur coat.  We started a little late today.   Peggie and Lauren went to the high school playoffs at the dome in Atlanta and didn't get home 'til late.  They were a little disappointed that the Jackets lost, but really enjoyed the game. 

So, we didn't get started until 7 this morning.  Last year the hens quick laying when it turned cold, this year they're still going strong.  We even resorted to using a light for a few hours in the morning last year.  I don't think we'll need it.  Of course, having 30 hens does keep the hen house warmer than the 6 we had last year.  And the winter equinox is near and days will be lengthening.  Today we'll be visiting some friends and giving away a few dozen.  I hope this doesn't eat into my daily scrambled egg ration.   LOL No pun intended with the 'eat into'. 

The new puppy is fitting right in.  I'm not sure what a Basset can do on the farm, but what he lacks in skill he makes up for in enthusiasm.  He is a bit of a barker and enjoys howling at 3am.  Once the farm chores really start up in the spring, he'll be to tired to howl.  He has been learning to play tug of war with me.  I'm not sure he gets it though.  Once I've given the rope a good tug, he rolls over on his back and ends up being drug around the house.  Lots of amusement there!

Peggie and Ian are reading up on turkeys.  Looks like I'll have a new flock to keep track of.  Listening to them, I've discovered that turkeys have names!  Like Bourbon Red, Narragansett, Beltsville Small, White Palm, and the strange names go on.  I just hope the birds are smart enough to make it to Thanksgiving.  There's nothing quite like turkey leftovers.  Peggie says these turkeys will taste even better than the ones from the Piggly Wiggly.  Makes my mouth water. 

And as if I don't have enough to keep track of, Tim's talking about starting new pigs in the spring.  He figures our freezer will be getting pretty empty by the end of summer.  Of course, pork leftovers are nearly as good as turkey leftovers.  I sound like Jed Clampitt - the only thing better than 'possum is leftover 'possum.  We've been on a Beverly Hillbillys thing lately.  There's just so much Ellie May and Jethro a dog can endure.  Then Lauren keeps claiming that Granny is her role model.  She could have chose worse role models.  They keep throwing out the CSA letters.  I'm not sure how that's gonna play out.

Oh no!  Peggie's got the seed catalogs out.  Who knows what she'll plant this year.

This turkey thing and CSA is new to us.  If any of you farm dogs have any words of wisdom, give me a howl.  I'll try to steer my humans in the right direction.

Smokey Joe

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