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What do you do with an overabundance of radish greens?

We planted late, but the radishes did great.  So what do we do with them?  They're great in salads, great dipped in salt with good beer on the side.  They're great sliced and baked in a little olive oil and salt till the edges begin to brown.  

But what about all those beautiful radish greens my husband asked.  We don't want to waste them.   Oh, a man after my own heart!  A quick internet search revealed that they are safe to eat and make a rather tasty stir fried green.  Our favorite is this creamy radish green soup we doctored to suit our taste.


olive oil, or butter

1 onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

3 potatoes, diced

4 cups radish greens, or more if you like

chicken broth


Fry onion and garlic in olive oil til softened.  

Add potatoes and radish greens.  Stir to coat with oil.  

Add chicken broth to just cover.  Simmer until potatoes are soft.

Let soup cool and puree in blender.

Mix equal parts cream and puree for a comfortable soup.

Sprinkle coriander seed on top if you want an extra zing. 

I store the puree in the fridge then reheat it with the cream whenever I want a quick soup.  In fact, this has become a quick to drink breakfast.

I also plan on canning the puree.  Should take 70 minutes per pint at 10 lbs pressure. 

 We are glad to once again find a way to use all the bounty of our garden.  Now what about zucchini squash leaves????


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I too had an abundance of radishes! I shedded them and pickeled them w/ rice vinegar (can use your fave) a little salt and canned them. My husband loves it on his brauts or hot dogs as a relish.

Posted by Annette on June 27, 2011 at 12:37 PM EDT #

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