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pig whisperer

I think our sole pig gets lonely.  Every few days she goes for a walk about.  Fortunately our neighbors are really, really nice people.  She just wanders about and eventually comes home - around feeding time.  Yesterday, Lauren and I spent the day in Chattanooga.  We are nearly home when the call comes - Sue Pig is visiting the horses.   Now the extraordinary part.  Lauren goes to the fence calls her and then flaps her arms up and down and smacks the side of her legs.  Sue Pig perks right up and jogs home following Lauren all the way.  Lauren's arms are flapping and the pig's following eagerly.  Damnedest thing I've ever seen.  This morning I got to try it.  It worked!!!  I think I'll change Lauren's name to Pig Whisperer.  For a self-proclaimed city girl, she's got a unique farm talent.  Wish I had a video :(
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