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Tomatoes Everywhere!!

The tomatoes are in.  Why on the earth did my humans plant 75 Roma tomato plants?  They claim they plan to make all thier own spaghetti, chii, and ketchup.  I think we've more than reached that goal.  So far I think we've brought in over 100 gallons of tomatoes.  Who knew Romas would bear and bear and bear.  They obviously love the hot, humid summers in Georgia.  The thing is, we can't possibly work up all of them and we can't even give them away.  Believe me we've tried - come pick all you need for free.  No takers so far.  Just to keep up, Peggie's freezing them to work up later.  And to be on the safe side, this spring they  planted 20 more various tomatoes to come in later this summer.  Still, who can complain about such a bounty.  I can since I don't eat spaghetti or chili.  But the ketchup is good on hamburgers - when I can sneak one off the grill.

Boomer the Basset Hound and I have also discovered that tomatoes don't make great balls either.  Just to mushy to hold in the canine mouth, and the taste.  Well, it's not meat or peanut butter flavored.  Although they do make an exciting explosion when they hit the grass.

There is other good news too.  We have 7 new chicks.  One of the barred rocks hid her nest under the hydrangea bush and one day there they were - the Magnificent Seven.  She's a bit touchy!  A dog can't even get close enough to sniff the new babies.  The way they peep and run around, I bet they'd be fun to play with.   But Mama Hen will have none of that.  She even scratched my nose and ran Boomer back in the house one day.  Maybe she'll let them play when they're a bit older.

Speaking of older - the other hens are laying like crazy.  I have to admit, I'm a little tired of the smell of pickling brine for pickled eggs.  They are yummy if you can manage to snag one.

A final thought.   In all this canning frenzy I have yet to see a jar labeled Smokey Joe's Hash or Boomer's Meat.  I hope they haven't fogotten us! 

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