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What to do with a bushel of hard pears?

This is a quick one.  A bushel of hard pears and little time.  Make pear and rum pickles!  Absolutely delicious alone or over vanilla ice cream.

Peam and Rum Pickles

4 quarts cider vinegar

4 lbs sugar

Simmer to disslove sugar

Add 6 quarts peeled, cored, quartered pears.

Simmer briskly for 30 minutes

Pack hot into quart jars, and add 2 tbs spiced rum, 1/2 tsp pieces of cinnamon stick, and two whole cloves to each quart.

Cover with vinegar mixture to 1/2 inch of top.

Process 40 min. in boiling water bath.


Leftover vinegar?  It's great to drink hot or iced.  Heat and spiced rum for a yummy toddy.  Guaranteed to cure a cold - or at least make you not care anymore.

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