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Egg everywhere!

Eggs, eggs, eggs! We have lots of eggs available, chicken eggs (in many colors), Duck eggs(3 varieties, Cayuga, Khaki, Muscovy) and quail eggs, as usual, lots and lots of quail eggs. Also this weekend we will be harvesting chickens, again. If any one is interested in a fresh chicken give a call or stop over. I also have freshly frozen chicken, duckling, and quail.


Spring is in the air, it is almost time to collect eggs for hatching. Starting on February 28th, I will have fertilized duck eggs available for sale, weather permitting. Keep your fingers crossed that it isn't to cold to collect viable eggs. If any one is interested in hatching their own, give me a call. We will be setting up our own nesting boxes for the girls plus an incubator. Eggs keep popping up every where; in the yard on the snow or hay, the goose pen, duck pen, middle of the barn floor. The best is the one frozen so hard into the snow, we can't pick it! Hopefully in a week or two they will catch on and lay the eggs in their nesting boxes.


Hansel and Gretel seem very impatient to start their nesting also. We have noticed goose foot prints on Gretel's wings; it will be time to collect her eggs for hatching soon. Gretel has learned to peek into the house through our plexi-glass dog door, begging for treats. If I do not notice her she then taps on the door, opening it until she has my attention. Gretel loves her greens and knows I'm a sucker for those blue goosy eyes. Any day now we expect to come home and find her in the kitchen, fridge open, noshing on greens.


Our turkeys have not a thought in their head about spring. This has me a little worried but I know it is still early in the year. Cecil and Dinner have been bickering so I know the boys are getting "frisky" but the girls are acting very calm. Clover, Whisky and Clarice rule the roost with those stupid boys following them everywhere, fluffing their feathers, thumping their chests; until I hold out a handful of sunflower seeds. Then its every turkey for them selves, last one to the hand is a rotten egg! I do try to wear gloves when hand feeding them, and then they just try to eat my fingers. So bare hands it is, you get used to the pain. They are gentle giants with very large, pointy beaks.

Clarice my youngest turkey hen was in the house for a few weeks this winter with a cold. If you have seen our house you know we have that sun porch just off my work kitchen. The sun porch is where our bird infirmary/spa is located. Clarice had a blast, eating treats, spoiled rotten, kept nice and warm. Now she is in top condition and back out with her flock. Clarice did have to share the infirmary/spa with a few other girls, one of which was Coco. That is as usual another Coco story all by itself. Anyway a few customers had a chance to see a very tame turkey, close up (understatement). Look into those big beautiful brown eyes, they are amazing creatures.

Coco, has been inside during the over nights for some time now. Most days if it is to cold outside, she will not even go out the door! Then the reign of terror begins. There are four other hens with colds, resting at the spa. Coco beats every one of them up on daily basis to the point where I have to lock her up some days. Luckily today it was warm enough for her fluffiness to go outside. I'm sure there is one heck of a hen party going on in the sun porch today.

All the other farm creatures are doing very well this winter. We have a bunch of new egg layers laying, the dogs are still stealing eggs and Chester has decided the barn is the best place ever to play/hunt.


Welcome February

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome February!
Once again, it is snowing, what a surprise. The Chickens hate it, Guineas hate it, Geese hate it, Turkeys hate it, and the ducks don't seem to care. I caught the Cayuga's dashing around the other day, diving through the freshly fallen snow. They were going in circles, diving into it as if it was a foot of water. Suddenly they would jump out of their circle running off upright, tall and straight flapping their wings having had a wonderful snow bath. Of course, I did not have my camera, opportunity missed once again. The black on white would have made a spectacular picture, sigh. I'm sure tomorrow I will have another opportunity for ducks in snow pictures since it is snowing, again.
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