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Aliens From Inner Space

Aliens From Inner Space

Our yard has been invaded, by creatures from Tim Burton's mind. What is spotted, has a humped back, red tea cup flaps of skin hanging off its face, a white faces, pointy heads and screeched continuously? Those darn Guinea’s in our back yard! Oh look its snowing again.... screech, screech, screech, Oh look it stopped snowing, screech screech, I think you get the idea.

I know, I’ve been stuck home, abandoned with a broken ankle, all by myself but jeepers creepers, do they ever stop? The answer is no, almost no, they only shut up for a few precious hours during the overnight. Now I know why they have always been called the “guard dog of birds”. If one of those ran up to me, red wattles, white head (I’ m talking clown face white), started its screeching, I would run like hell the other way! Guard birds my butt, scary noise birds with looks that match.

Truly only a face a mommy guinea could love.Yet I find myself slowly becoming enamored with their oddness. I’m going to call half of them Tim, the other half Burton! There, it is all settled, like I have said previously you try to come up with names for all our creatures. By the way the Geese are named Hansel and Gretal, I keep forgetting to mention that.

As for my Tim's and Burton's, they have started something new, for the new year. Guinea Love and as far as I can tell, this is the only time two are quiet, while everyone else cheers them on. Sigh, I guess this is one way to figure out girls from boys?
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