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Winter Wonder Land

Winter Wonder Land

The Geese still hog the water cooler (heated water) but every now and then they wander off allowing the other birds a chance at it. There are 4 other water stations but every one always wants the same one!

No sooner did the winter solstice take place, the ducks and geese have decided love is in the air. I keep telling them it is to early, wait for spring but it is the same every year. Mr. Quackers is already trying to whisper sweet nothings at Clovers ankles. Clover is our girl turkey and Mr. Quackers is a little confused, he does this every year. Cecil and Dinner our two tom's have the situation under control, ducks can run fast when they have to.

The Guinea's absolutely hate the snow. During every snow storm they perch in the duck pen doorway screaming their brains out the entire day. When the storm is over we give every one snow blown paths and alfalfa piles for munching, lounging and to keep their feet off the snow. After a few days the guineas will venture out into the other pathways enduring the torture of the horrible white stuff. But their screeching starts anew when the next storm hits.

Chester our newest addition and youngest cat is getting a little braver and thinks he may stalk the birds. His idea of stalking is to slink slowly towards the birds while never getting any closer then 50 feet. He is a very brave boy!

This is the time of year that all those fruit and veggie scraps that I froze are thawed out, warmed up and fed to everybody daily along
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