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kids and cows

Our daily life involves kids.  Of course they make every event interesting.  From chores, errands, dad's work with the cattle and putting up hay, their perspective can make you laugh or cry.  The big girls are riding to check the cows on summer pasture tonight.  Usually they are the ones to saddle up and run up to the mt. meadow and bring in the milk cows, but since they are gone with dad, the little boys, Outgoing 7 yr. old and Distracted 11 yr. old are hoofing it up to the meadow on foot to bring Lucy, Clarabelle and Lady down for the night.  Outgoing boy says "Wow, three milk cows we are going to have a pride of milk cows!"  Now trotting back, Outgoing carefully cradles a little bird egg shell to show as a treasure of findings on their adventure.  All done now, a big persons job well done by capable brothers.  Distracted was not so distracted tonight.  He finished quickly and joins me on the deck for a lovely breezy evening.  Soon to bed,  the girls and dad should be home soon.  Gratitude, what a lovely life with kids in this valley.

Just started

Whew!,  Spent the day with folks from Seattle area and visited about all kinds of ranch things including where the cows are, hay production and how the fire in August effected everybody, four legged and two legged. 

We have be refreshed by two weeks of fall rains now.  The crispy, powdery ground is relieved to have some moisture and even blessing us with a hint of green "cheat grass" springing up across the bare hillsides, peaking through even the charred ash left by the fire. 

So kids in the apple trees getting boxes to store before winter finds its way here.  Harvest time for sure, I think we all spend 75% deciding how and when we will provide for our physical needs.  So blessed to have so much abundance to gather in and be provided for.

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