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field ready, almost

   We are almost at full swing for farming this season. Our markets are opening early--first week of May. The strawberries are blooming, but it is to early so we been knocking some of the flowers off. In all produce growing areas that I know there is always competition to be the first to have stuff at the buying station and to have the largest of some items for the year. We play that part very well--I have a secret garden hidden from the eyes of the other produce growers and that garden will produce the largest watermelon any of them have ever seen. As for earliness we will not play that part for seeds are to expensive to loss in the early unpredictable weather--that's not true we are going to smoke them on early beets and beans. But if by chance we do get a first then that product will take a journey to show off and let everyone know who has out done them. It is all in good fun. Have church tonight so God bless and read your Bible


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