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   A young man asked if he could help sell CSA membership for us, we worked out a deal and said yes. The deal is working out well, he is a real go getter--if there were other works like him around here I could take rest easier knowing that things and stuff was getting done right and proper. He treats the task at hand as if it was his own--a bit high strung we watch him so he does not burn himself out. We will look for another to help out with CSAs to like this young man, he is a real trooper.

   Leon, Dan, and I have been cutting fire wood these past several days(Leon is another organic farmer whom we work together with syrup) the trees was removed from the ditch that was re-dug. Those trees was pushed into one hug pile filled with limbs, grasses, and other debris that has to be worked out to get to the good wood--it is fun to work on a farm so many different things to do.

   A sad note I will not be trapping rats in the ditches and marsh this year. The rats are few(less than a 5Th then previous years) they are having kidney failure--dying off...chemicals but no one is saying that. Even though I trap I have a great respect for animals and they are part of the farms income, that is lost this year. We do not over trap, the loss of these little creatures is very sad. Lets hope someone is looking into this matter and cause.


winter is not slow

I just got back from Kokomo selling Christmas trees. Christmas tree sales were very good this year--people said we had some real good trees. Our land lord makes wreathes and such that was also sold there...they do right good job of making those Christmas add ons.

   It is good to be home, I was gone for a month. We are thinking of offering CSAs in Kokomo, Indiana in 2012, maybe. The biggest purchase that we made this year was a new planter for greens and small seeds. Perhaps this seeder will help in increasing our production of these items.

   Trapping season is nearly over and there is not one trap set--tomorrow I will be setting as many as possible to make up for lost time. We do not set for grass wolves because they help control the coons, rabbits and ground hogs. Manly coons and rats. Between collecting and skinning we will be making new chicken huts for the pasture.


a good year


    This year was a good season. All the markets preformed well and the fields produced quiet a bit--we are happy.

   Chickens had some roosters mixed in with the hens and those roosters are very hansum ones in deed. I would like to find some one that would like to breed them for us. It would be a shame to butcher um for soup...we will look a while longer.

   The CSAs are doing well most of the clients have returned and some of those that did not have did recommend new ones to sign up. But I feel a few people signed up for the program not knowing what they were doing and/or not having a clue what a CSA was/is. To me dealing with that type of person is difficult.

   Farming is a joy, we dug out our ditch, added a culvert, and put some fencing up for hogs and cows. This mild weather has given us some more time to catch-up on projects not done right...but they will be soon.

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