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a good year


    This year was a good season. All the markets preformed well and the fields produced quiet a bit--we are happy.

   Chickens had some roosters mixed in with the hens and those roosters are very hansum ones in deed. I would like to find some one that would like to breed them for us. It would be a shame to butcher um for soup...we will look a while longer.

   The CSAs are doing well most of the clients have returned and some of those that did not have did recommend new ones to sign up. But I feel a few people signed up for the program not knowing what they were doing and/or not having a clue what a CSA was/is. To me dealing with that type of person is difficult.

   Farming is a joy, we dug out our ditch, added a culvert, and put some fencing up for hogs and cows. This mild weather has given us some more time to catch-up on projects not done right...but they will be soon.

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