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Home again

   We came back from another series of seminars. I tell you seminars are good but so often they can drain energy right out of you--sitting for hours. The classes are filled with a lot of information and we learn, but when the lights are dimmed it can be hard to stay awake.

   Several of the companies in the trade show are our buddies, it is nice to talk with them out side of farm visits. A farm visit is strictly business and move on--the reps have to visit several farms a day and the farmer has to get his work done, so little time to have friendly conversations. At the shows we can have general pleasant talks with out being rushed.

   Don't get me wrong we do work at the shows, just different type. For instances--one of our buddies works for a large seed company from Europe and when we talk he gives me seeds that has not reached the U.S. I can test the seeds out to see how they do. Some of the seeds are distinct to closed regions of Europe and others are improved varieties. I do not get a lot of seeds, but if there is a variety pleasing to my green thumb he gets me more for a fee of course.



















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