Richert/Phillips Farms

  (North Liberty, Indiana)
ventures of a small fresh pick farm

What a wonderful day


   A company that never has gotten our seed order correct--either running out, forgetting some of the seeds, or even missplacing the order has shocked us. Yesterday we recieved the order from them, not only on a timely fashion, but everything was there--right amounts, types, and in proper order...must say very pleased this time. The greenhouse is cleaned and once the stove pipe is in place seeds will start to get planted.

   Maple sap has slowed down alot--its flow is about a fouth of what it was in previous years. That is alright for now because other work is starting. We plan to finnish the high tunnel soon and start some early plants growing. The high tunnel will allow us to get early produce to CSA clients and to markets. Early produce always brings a great price...that helps.


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