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fallow the seasons

   We checked the orchards in the area and most of the apples are damaged or gone from the frost. There is another frost coming tonight and it makes me think of all the people who, when the warm weather was here got excited about summer and believed the cold was over. Part of this life we choose is about not knowing what is around the corner and that uncertainty is what separates the dedicated from the ones who just play.

   Meat chicks arrived today, we put them in the greenhouse for now--they sure are cute. We think are order is wrong because some off the birds have discoloring on them, time will tell if they are meat or layers.

   The funnest part of farming the way we do it is are work and income is always changing according to the season. In the beginning of the year it is greenhouse and maple syrup. In spring chicks, planting, and tending to the bees. Summer brings weeding, planting, harvesting. End of the year is trapping, cleaning and repair between attending seminars. There is rarely a break, but when there is we take full advantage of it.

   The markets open next week so we are running a special offer to new CSA members if they sign up between now and next week the cost will be $500.


Farming life

The other day we went to the fields and started working--planting early seeds(beets, lettuce, peas), discing, and cleaning up the equipment. The day started off like an average day chickens need tending and coffee for us. But about noon the so called nostalgic life of farming came to the reality of this life stile we farmers have chose to live--a 9 year old boy was killed on a farm we know well.

   Boys play on the farm as boys do it is part of growing up, but on some occasions tragedy happens--he was playing on a pile a feed stuff by digging a hole on top of the pile and jumping in, the stuff quickly engulfed him, his father dug frantically and a foot or so down found his little arm to pull the boy out. He died at the is sad, but this is part of farming one will be hard pressed to find a farm family who has not lost some young person to an accident on the farm, either there child, sidling, or cousin, parent, etc..

   So, if you think farming is nostalgic, getting back to the way life is meant to be--you need to rethink what you believe farming is--


warm weather and frost


   The warm weather has tricked people in thinking it is summer time--even the plants was tricked. Good news for the CSA members if there are any apples on the trees you will be getting them and not the tables at the market. The frost and cold snaps realy done some harm to the apples and early blueberries. The drought we are in should not harm to many plants, but sure did allow us to get a lot of field work done early.

   I must say only the Lord knows what the spring and summer is going to bring--makes farming a heart acke and yet at the same time exciting.


Jesus loves

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