Richert/Phillips Farms

  (North Liberty, Indiana)
ventures of a small fresh pick farm

This weather

What is going on this weather is jumping all over the place--dry, wet, snowy, raining, cold, warm don't know what to expect from day to day. The good thing is we have gotten a lot done in the buildings, but the taps(maple taps) are not producing like they should. That is all right the farmstead has not been this clean in a long while--if not for the first time ever.

   CSAs are rolling in and we are anticipating turning are wholesale field into production just for CSA members. Wholesale markets take up most of our production over the past many years, but CSAs may pass that portion of the farm. We have always set land aside for commercial buyers, markets, and CSAs by dedicating those fields for that specific purpose. In away by doing that we have several small farms all rolled into one.


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