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ventures of a small fresh pick farm

its been awhile

We are happy winter is nearly over and the growing season is near. The extra snow has slowed our work down quite a bit, but we still managed to get by. Staying in touch with other farmers that have become our friends has proven to be an enjoyment--talking with them about our industry and their ideas really helps each of us to become united as one. The customers are also nice to talk with but those conversations is usually explaining how things are and how they are done.

   Conventional farms and organizations are getting ready discredit organic farmers in order to promote their products. If you are for organic be-prepared for a big battle between the different types of farming out there. I find that people do not want the whole truth--only to keep what knowledge they have on a topic narrow and tight. Perhaps, consumers need to go though all legitimate research and then make a buyers opinion in how they purchase farm goods.

Jesus loves 

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