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Making a seeder and maple syrup

   We drove over to Leon's house today to pick up a tank for to transport the sap collected for cooking and he was quite excited about a contraption he made. The contraption was a narrow box with many holes drilled though the top and a vacuum connected to the side to provide suction for holding the seeds in place. When the box is turned up side down over the plug tray the vacuum is turned off and the seeds fall into place on the tray. He was excited about it, but we had to tease him for a while before telling him it was a good idea.

   Maple sap has a higher sugar count this year, which means less cooking (boiling off excess water). But, brix change all the time according to the weather.

   We are still taking CSA applications but time is running out, so if you may be interested please contact us. We are not planning on taking CSA applications at the markets this year--only excepting them before hand.


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