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Organizing the greenhouse and seeds

   We were planning to be collecting sap for cooking.But, after about half the taps were set a cold front came in and we have been looking for stuff to do. It is a little early to start organizing the greenhouse, yet it beats doing other things around here.

   It did not take long working in the greenhouse, so we decided to tare-apart the plug chamber and redesign and move it into one of the sheds--a plug chamber is where the seeds are started and the temperature as well as the moisture is monitored regularly.

   Having thousands of dollars wrapped up in seeds and knowing that one's entire planting can be wiped out in less then an hour is not a pleasant feeling. So, the plug chamber is very important to a vegetable farm--we enjoy this profession, but from now till harvest and sales we will be tense, on edge, and more serious. Ninety percent of our income is made in less then sixteen weeks and yet it takes twenty plus weeks to get us to harvest and on the other end the remain part of the year is preparing the fields and equipment.

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