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oxen, animal power and memories

This winter has had some sad times in it. Both Rock and Scat our oxen were lost, died in January. There was a lot of ice on the ground and they both at different times slipped--breaking their hips. We used them often and looked forward to working them on the sapping line. Not having 'em this year will put a damper on many chores around here. Work animals are greatly appreciated, but when their gone it is like a friend has been lost.

   We had them for six years. The first few years was training and the last years was working them. They were purchased in late fall a few weeks old and we bedded them down with mounds of straw, but the two of them refused to go in. Dan and I tried nearly everything to make 'em go in. While trying to figure out what the problem was we heard a bark and alot of growling-- Old Bones, a very old beagle, had buried himself in the straw to the point his nose was the only part sticking out, he had to be picked up and carried out so the boys could go in to rest. Old Bones was a fine dog that lived with us for nearly ten years, never a problem. By the grace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ will we some day be rewarded with some more fine work animals...perhaps a mule.

Jesus loves


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So heartbreaking to hear of your loss. We farm with Belgian draft horses, a mother/daughter team, both born, raised & trained here...I can't imagine losing both of them so unexpectedly. You are so right that they are more than the power they provide, and more than pets as well. Best of luck in the upcoming season, and my hopes that more draft animals grace your place in the future!

Posted by Emily on February 28, 2011 at 07:35 AM EST #

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