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Season is nearly here

   We have already started planting out in the fields--peas, radishes, spinach, etc. and what a joy it has been. Germination was a bit slow but when them little plants first peeked out of the ground we felt an over whelming joy, O' to be farmers.

   CSA applications have been doing well and if gas prices stay high or go even higher that will drive up cost of everything. Making these CSA's' get an even better bargain for their baskets...that really pleases us.

   Feed cost has gone up in the last few weeks so we will trying plant some of our feed corn and see how that goes. Sapping season ended giving us over double of what we had last year. Cooking on a better boiler made the stuff look a lot nicer, taste the same just looks better. In a few days the new chicks will start to arrive--we order five or six different varieties of layers just because I like to look at the contrasting colors and sizes...having one type of breed is boring--it is not all about money making with us, it has to be appealing to.


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