Richert/Phillips Farms

  (North Liberty, Indiana)
ventures of a small fresh pick farm

snows melted

   The weather warmed up for a day and the rains fell then to melting the snow. Know we are hoping freezing weather will follow for at least 10 days to freeze the ground. Snow acts like an insulater and if the ground is not frozen when it is covered then it will not freeze until it is uncovered.

   Cleaning up is our main goal right now--that seems like a never ending event. Besides cleaning and ordering supplies for the coming season we go to church. We are members of a Menninite concervative church--by choice not birth. Of all the church groups we visited they are the most loving and biblically sound Christian Church. That is if it is in the New Testiment they fallow it as best they can with no excuse of there is another way--the only way to find God is the way He says!

   Farming keeps us respectful to the world and gives us peace of mind knowing we have most days there is work to be done.

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