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Starting the greenhouse

Some of the seeds that has been ordered has come in so we plan to open the greenhouse soon. Sanitation in the greenhouse is very important--a disease that could have blown in from some where else very well can still be in there. Wiping down tables, shelves, picking up debris, cleaning trays etc. is all part of the business. We do not want the season to end before it even begun--diseases can wipe out the entire house in a matter of weeks.

   While cleaning I stirred up a nest of rats, about 10 or 12. So, I covered the nest back up and when Dan got home I asked him to clean that area--thinking that the rats would take off in all directions as they did me, I could barely hold the laughter back. But, they did not return as anticipated, how disappointing. He knew I was up to something, I told him of the devilish plan a brewing--instead he laught at me for a foiled attempt of fun.

   Leon and I went to E&R to pick up some soilless mixture and other supplies--about a four hour trip. Every time we are together he gets us lost. Leon does not drive(Amish) and apparently he cannot read maps either or we get to joking around and miss the turns...we always have fun non the less. The trip took twelve plus hours.

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