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Vacation and farming

   For the first time in twelve years we were able to take a vacation. Southern Louisiana is the best place I have ever been to and I have traveled the world exploring new places when in my twenties.

   Many people we come across, nearly all the people, think farming is easy. They so often want to have what they call the simple life and yet hold on to the city life of living it up in various ways. But if one wishes to be a farmer that or those people must give up the life style they have completely and embrace the dirt fully--we have a simple saying," are you farming for money or are you farming with money?" Several young farmers who did not give up their previous life styles have lost the farms they had...they blame cost, weather, consumers, gas prices, and what ever else can be thought of--but they do not look at the real reason of not putting the long hours in(some times 16-19 hours the day before market), not knowing tricks of the trade because they are to busy talking and not listening. When a produce farm goes under most of the time it is the farmers endeavors that caused it not the excuses.

   My advice is when you attend a market or any place a small farm is selling goods for reasonable prices make sure that it is a farm that is farming for money and they do not have another job. Because small gardeners are not trying to make a living.

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