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seeds and such are rolling in

   The season is not here yet, but thanks to the return CSA members we are able to have our seeds and supplies purchased early and the seeds have already been coming in. We are very happy that our farm does not need large loans like before we started the CSA offers.

   The CSA membership money is treated like a loan, funds that are payed early goes to the coming year's inputs. But , I will say if you are a new farmer do not rely on CSAs entirely, be diversified for a few years until you work out the kinks and see if it is for you.

   2013 was a good year for the most part--we decided that because works are hard to find and rarely stay we will adjust our farm so if no workers are around the work will still get done. Though employees and interns would be nice--they will not be relied on.


CSA and eggs

Hello everyone,

     After the season ended our new chickens started to lay eggs--O' dear are they laying eggs. If you are a CSA or another customer of ours you know almost all season I kept saying those chickens will be laying any week, but it did not happen until about a week ago...O' so many eggs!

   Don't know about the other farmers but this seasons heat came early and stayed for the most part. Me and the dog would once in a while climb down into the stream and rest under the culvert for a spell. Doing that was not bad until a big black snake swam across my legs making the dog jump and splash all over--he never did get the snake, but I am sure that snake had a good laugh.

   Daniel and I want to thank all the CSA member for being part of our farm and signing up again.

Jesus loves


There are struggles

   Farming is not always easy, there are a lot of pit falls in this industry. We are going to raise livestock this year to help off set not having income during most of the year. In fresh pick produce there is only about 12 to 18 weeks of making cash sales the rest of the time is preparing for the season. This window of opportunity is not bad if not to many things go wrong. But if there is major set backs(weather, money, new regulations, etc.) then that window may close, not to open for another year. A person must be commited to farming if they plan to make it. In the type of agriculture we serve there is no set time when to begin and end the day--work till the work is will come sometime in November if it is a tough year. Sunday is the day of rest, Church is rewarding, yet on some days it is hard to get up early and make it on time. Don't get me wrong I love Christ and our life style and it isn't always back breaking work--there is a lot of fun to, but one must be commited or everything can be lost with one big mistake or bad season.

   Like right now I am enjoying the snow fall that is said by the news to be a snow storm.

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