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On the farm

Most of the winter was spent running around to seminars, trade shows, and auctions. But now that the snows are melting we are really hitting the work hard. Maple sap will start running soon and we got a woods were the sap has to be pumped out every day...this will be are first time of pumping such a long distance (1000+ feet)...we'll see. Last year was our first time back in a multitude of years sapping and it proven to be an asset on the farm with the customers. We sold out of maple juice(syrup) by June.

   The layers made it trough the hard winter, only lost one, and they managed to keep giving up them eggs. This year we plan to have the hens huts on wagons so to move them easier from one pasture to the next. These hens sure do make a lot of noise...cackling constantly and foraging as if at play. Our meat chickens done very well also--but it takes longer to cook them then other hens. Chicken dinners take longer to prepare then normal and the first few times of cooking these birds really gave us late meals until we got use to preparing them. 

   CSAs are doing well, most of our customers have been a joy to deal with. Some we never even met they had us drop and go--never seen them...that's fine a bit strange. Other customers grabbed and ran, while others stayed and talked. Every one was happy that we know off. But the two that complained called and signed up again...I just don't get people. We had fun

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