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ramps "wild leeks"

   Our sap season is coming to an end, but a wonderful surprise has happened. Ramps are growing--these things are like little onions with spinach attached. We cook them in olive oil and butter till they are carmeled and then eat like a king. They are good in soup, as seasoning, or just a side dish. If frying cook them hot and fast--don't burn just caramelize.

   I used to sell them to a restaurant chain, but ownership changed hands and stopped buying them--started to use green onions, but that did not work, they lost a lot of customers over the change. There loss, these ramps are the start off spring and the flavor is very good.

   Ramps if eaten raw is very strong taste and an even stronger smell. Cooking them tames the pungent little fellow, yet I always eat a few raw while picking.

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