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Questions from a customer on Milk "Cow Shares"

Hi there! I love shopping with you at the Vista market! I'm interested in getting some information about your cow shares program (did I use the right terminology?) for milk. Email works, or I could pick up at the market, or whatever works! Thanks!

(PS-my husband was wondering if you ever do tours or if we end up doing cow shares if he can visit "his cow")


Thanks for supporting us.  Cow Shares is an old program we previously offered for milk purchasing.  In that program, each person would own a fraction of a Milk Cow (they received a bill of sale and signed a 14 page legal contract).  As an owner, they would be entitled to a fraction of the Cow's milk each week (in this case 1 gallon). This way we (SonRise) was not selling milk, we were boarding Milk Cows for owners. Under that program, yes, you could visit your cow, with advance notice.

When we start milk in SoCal we will probably implement a system much like our old Cow Shares program.  I will let you know when we do that.

Hope this answers your questions. 


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