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June 10th, 2011

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CLA's in Grass-Fed Beef

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 Welcome to the Ranch


   Summer is upon us.  This year we have lots of sun, rain and green grass... boy are we pleased with that.  Not only have we been blessed with good rains, a warm growing season and great cattle performance (lots of calves) this year, but we have been blessed with, you, our customer. 


   The direct-marketing, slow food production model of Grass Fed Beef is brutal, period. Many, who try, don't make it.  We could not bring you the highest quality products in San Diego without your continued support.  I must say, I was truly blessed this last winter to see many of you standing in the rain at a Farmer's Market to support our Ranch.

   Boy, it was a wet one too! Thanks for hanging in there with us, we truly appreciate it.

   As I have said before, by supporting our Ranch, you are literally "voting with your dollars" and sending a distinct message to the government supported, tax dollar wasting, bought and paid for, industrial farmingcomplex.  A clear message that says "we are tired of you feeding animals junk, with the help of our Tax dollars, and then over-regulating those who actually do it right".

   The manta of this movement is "You are what your animals eat" - and we know it!

   Whether you are a foodie, environmentalist or just love a delicious Grass-Fed steak, we believe you will be as delighted with our products as we are appreciative of you - it's a partnership that's built on the good principles of sustainable food production, and we look forward to many years together.


Thanks again, 

Douglas Lindamood

SonRise Ranch 


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CLA's in Beef


- By Douglas Lindamood


What are CLA's ?

CLA's, or Conjugated Linoleic Acids, are a relatively recently discovered essential fatty acid that is rumored to have some pretty incredible capabilities.  Dr. Talak Dhiman of Utah State University contends that CLA's may be one of our most marvelous curative discoveries.  Animal studies suggest that CLA's may be responsible for the following beneficial properties...

  • Anti Carcinogen
  • Prevention of Obesity
  • Anti Diabetic
  • Anti-atherosclerosis (Heart Disease) 1

Of all the animal studies conducted, 100% of them found that additional CLA's in the diet decrease the occurrence of cancer.  Eighty percent of the studies found a decrease in body fat, 75% showed a decrease in the occurrence of adult diabetes. A French Study even concluded that, of 360 women participants, all found that a higher level of CLA's found in their breast tissue directly correlated to a lower occurrence of breast cancer.

So, where do you find products that contain a high level of CLA's?  Well, a couple of places... first, you can find CLA's commercially available in capsule form in your local health food store. There is a better alternative, you guessed it - Beef.  Naturally occurring CLA's are found to be 600 times more effective than artificially occurring CLA's (pill form).  The best way to accumulate CLA's in the tissue is thought the consumption of Beef and Milk.  But here is the cool part, there are 500% more CLA's in Grass-Fed Beef than in Grain-Fed Beef.

Now, here is where it gets dicey... in pastured animals, CLA's are very volatile.  It takes a lifetime to accumulate high levels of CLA's in their tissue, but as little as five days to deplete it.  So, if you are buying Grass-Fed Beef with the intention of consuming more CLA's, the animal must have a completely Grass-Fed diet.  In a Utah study, when animals were fed even a small amount of grain, they had less than half of the CLA content found on animals fed an entirely pastured (no hay, silage, chop or grain) diet.

This is one of the reasons we don't feed any supplements - we want the most benefit from the grass and beef we raise - including all the CLA's we can get!

Douglas Lindamood

SonRise Ranch


1. Grassfed to Finish, a production guide to gourmet Grass-Finished Beef by Allan Nation. Green Park Press. Ridgeland MS. pp 88-90.


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Special Offer

10% off your first month CSA


From now through Monday June 13th, if you sign up for any CSA, we will take an additional 10% off your first month CSA price.  This offer applies to the 1, 3 or 6 month programs, as well as the Add-on Lamb or Chicken (only available in 3 and 6 month)


We offer the following CSA options...


  • Beef CSA (14 lbs/month) $149
  • Pork CSA (12 lbs/month) $119
  • Beef/Pork Combo CSA (15 lbs/month) $159
  • Lamb Add-on (5 lbs/month) $73
  • Chicken Add-on (5 lbs/month) $42


Regardless of the Combination you choose, this weekend we will take 10% off your first month.


CSA's are available at the following markets...



  • Flower Hill, Del Mar Shopping plaza off I-5, (Saturday's 9-1) 
  • Vista (Saturday from 8 to 12) 
  • Carlsbad (Saturday from 1 to 5) 
  • Little Italy (Saturday 9-1:30) 
  • Leucadia (Sunday from 10 to 2)
  • LaJolla, (Sunday 9 to 1) 
  • Hillcrest (Sunday 9 to 2) 



"Combo" Beef and Pork CSA subscription


SonRise Ranch now offers our great products as a monthly CSA subscription.  By signing up for a CSA you will not only save 10-15% off our regular pricing, but you will also get great variety each month.

You have the option of choosing both the Market you wish to have your box delivered to, and the week of the month you want your delivery made.

We are now offering a "Combo" CSA comprised of both Beef and Pork, for only $159/month, with the option of adding on 5 lbs of Free-Range Chicken ($42/month) and/or 5 lbs of Grass-fed Lamb ($73/month).

For more information on the "Combo" CSA, visit the web by clicking here or, e-mail us for a detailed flier at...

or call, 951 719 5649




About SonRise Ranch


We are an all natural family farm that produces home grown foods. Our products include USDA approved, by the pound grass-fed beef. We offer humanely treated, antibiotic free pork and truly free-range chicken. We have hogs on pasture and many of our animals (pork and chicken) are fed milk by-products, which result in a deep, rich flavor that generations before us enjoyed. We use IRG (intense rotational grazing) methods to feed our animals the freshest, rapidly growing green grass possible, with minimal impact to the land and surrounding environment. We are deeply committed to the principles of small farming and sustainable agriculture. 


find out more at...


SonRise Ranch on the web 

10% off
First Month CSA

This coupon is good for June 10th to June 13th, and may be redeemed for 10% off your first month on any new CSA sign up placed during that period.  This offer may not be combined with any other offer. This coupon must be printed and presented in person. It is transferable, so we encourage recipients to share the offer with friends and family.  Limit one per customer. 

Offer Expires: June 13th, 2011

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