Harvest Hill Farms

  (Frazeysburg, Ohio)

Harvest Hill Veggies

Harvest Hill Farms is currently constructing a 2900 sq ft high tunnel for vegetable production. We hope to have it up in the next few weeks and that means farm fresh vegetables well into fall and winter months.

What is a high tunnel you may ask? It is a structure that allows for shelter of vegetable crops when weather conditions are not favorable for these crops to survive. It allows us to extend our growing season to provide local produce well after weather conditions deteriorate. This is not a greenhouse, as it has no artificial heat source. It could be comparable to covering your outside plants with a piece of plastic when frost or freezing temperatures arrive.

We are excited about this project and look forward to providing local produce instead of it being shipped from the South and West. As soon as the construction is underway I will post pictures of the progress.


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