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Largest Egg Yet

Today we received an egg from our chickens that weighed 98 grams or 3.45 ounces. This is HUGE by normal standards which are between 63-73 grams for large eggs.






Lost Chicken - Feared dead

One day, the sweet chickens were let out for their daily pasture scratch and feed. I always let them out into the adjacent pasture so they can forage and scratch while keeping a watchful eye.  

The girls immediately darted for their favorite feeding and scratching areas, selecting choice bugs, greenery and other chicken delights. I went on about my business to discuss the next run of chicken fencing with the fencer. 

At dusk, I went into count my chickens, yes, every night, we count our chickens. After counting five times, I was missing a chicken!!! Where was my sweet, brown chicken? 

I took a flashlight, as now it was dark and combed their chicken yard and went outside the perimeter, praying that a hawk had not descended brutally. 

We put up special 20# test fishing line to prevent 124MPH red hawk attacks. The chickens are killed on impact. The line we erected over their whole area has prevented deaths for sure. No more circling predators. 

I feared the worst.  

It was now late and I must get on with my chores.  

Next morning, I awoke and remembered my poor lost chicken and ran outside. I arrived rapidly at the chicken paddock and... what was that? 

There is my dear, dear sweet chicken running up and down the fence line trying to get into her paddock!  

She was alive! I picked her up and hugged her. 

She is one of the best laying chickens we have. She must have roosted in the neighbors shed. She definitely escaped death. 

 That was a great day.

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