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Signs of Spring

February 07

Signs of Spring

One of the things I enjoy most about gardening is watching the seasons change.  People tend to think of seasons as beginning on a certain date – winter in December, spring in March, but in reality nature follows a smooth wavelike pattern, gradually becoming a little less like one season, and a little more like the next, unhindered by dates on the calendar.  In the depths of a cold, snowy January, it seems like winter will last forever.

And then the seed catalogs arrive.

Seed catalogs are truly the first signs of spring, and even though they aren’t a natural phenomenon, they are still a ray of hope – a reminder that the cold days of winter won’t last forever.  Arriving at the deepest trough of the winter doldrums, they signal the way out, a sign of surer, more natural signs of spring to come.  Other signs of spring follow quickly after the seed catalogs’ arrival.  The chickens start waking up a little earlier each day and stay out a little later each evening.  Snow turns to mud.  And then suddenly, there it is – the first little sprig of green.  Sometimes it’s a crocus, a joyful, brilliant, blooming herald yelling “Spring is Here!”  Sometimes it’s a dandelion that’s found a sheltered spot on the warm south side of a building, just a whisper of spring.   

Yesterday, I found this little weed growing between buckets I had set under the eaves of the barn to catch rainwater.  A true sign of spring.  I hope it gives you the same feeling of joy and hope that it gave me.



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