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Our Emporia Farmer's Market Debut

May 30

Our Emporia Farmer’s Market Debut

IMG_1417We had our first ever booth at the Emporia Farmer’s Market this Saturday.  The weather was warm and beautiful.  The market opened at 8:00, and I had a customer waiting at my booth for the opening bell in order to buy radishes.  Our offerings at this first market included strawberries, Romaine lettuce, All-star red and green leaf lettuce mix, radishes, an assortment of herbs and mints, and of course, eggs.

A lot of planning and preparation went into this market – getting a table,  tablecloth, baskets, and basket liners ready, getting our canopy and learning how to set it up and take it down, not to mention growing, picking, washing, and bagging all the veggies.  My goal for our first market day was to at least earn back the $25 annual market promotion fee that each market vendor has to pay.  We more than made that fee back, and had sold out of what we brought by 9:30. 

We expect to have about the same items for sale next week, with the possible addition of iceberg lettuce and oregano.  The peas are blooming profusely, so we’re looking forward to having peas at the market in a few weeks.  Our broccoli and cauliflower have heads about the size of quarters, so we’re looking forward to being able to offer those at a future market.  Our cantaloupes, Crenshaw melons and watermelons are sprouting and full of promise.  We hope our garden continues to produce well, so we can expand our offerings, and eventually open our Saturday afternoon farm stand location on South Avenue.

We learned a lot at this market.  We learned we need to plant more, so we can bring more, so we don’t sell out by 9:30!  We learned that our price signs need to be taller, made out of something stiffer so they don’t curl, and written in something besides water soluble ink.  We learned that we need to have some sort of display for our eggs, because people don’t realize we have them under the table in a cooler.

If you stopped by our booth this weekend, Thank you!  We hope to see you again next week.  If you didn’t stop by our booth, be sure to check out our offerings next week.


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