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Oatmeal Cake Recipe!

This is one of those recipes you don't want to miss out on! It is soo moist and decadent and is is always a hit. Making the day before is even better. After some research, I found that the ingredients or amounts seldom vary . Which tells me it is perfect just the way it is.When you combine perfect with simplicity, you can't lose. It has just the right amount of spice. With a wonderful coconut, pecan frosting you spread on while the cake is still hot. Placing it back in the oven to toast the coconut a bit! I love it! One of my C.S.A share holders said "Oatmeal cake was the requested cake by her father for his birthday every year". I figured it was worth looking in too. It has diffidently won a spot in my next cook book. Thank you, Tiffini Goesel!

Oatmeal Cake Recipe

1 1/4 cup boiling water, Add one cup quick oats, mix and let stand awhile, then add one cup of brown sugar ( with water and oats). In a separate bowl. Cream together 1 cup white sugar, 1/2 cup of shortening (or butter) and 2 eggs. Sift 1 1/3 cup of flour,1 tsp. Baking powder,1/2 tsp. salt,1/2 tsp.cinamon,1tsp. of vanilla. Add all ingredients together, being careful not to over mix. This causes the cake to be tuff. Pour into a 9 by 13” greased and flowered, pan and bake for 40 min.If you decide to go with two 9" cake pans bake only 25 min. No need to broil the icing ,but do pour in on when cake is hot. Bake until an inserted tooth pick comes out clean.

Topping for cake:
1 stick butter,1 cup brown sugar,1 cup coconut, 1 cup of nuts( I like pecan) , 5 oz. of evaporated milk( not sweetened condensed) 1/2 tsp. vanilla. Heat on top of the stove the above ingredients, until butter has melted. When cake is done pour topping over cake and place back in the oven until it bubbles around the edges.You can serve it warm with ice cream or cool. It is great the following day as well. Seems to get better with time. Great for entertaining. Travels well for church events ,picnics, pot luck, every one will request this classic.

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