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Yellow Jackets, Fruit Flies and Ants" Oh My !" NATURAL Remedies!!

Last year was a first for me to have to contend with yellow jackets. I am a bee keeper; the idea of them really doesn’t bother me so much. But we run a fruit stand selling 50-60 boxes of peaches a week. So this was something I needed to address! Now after much research (and trial and error), I’ve   a better understanding of just what I am dealing with. As with the” Tomato Worm” I wrote about last week. It appears yellow Jackets have their place in nature too. Killing and feeding off other pesky pests. Last year I bought traps that were expensive and not effective. I also had tried to follow them back to their nests, just before dark and from their nests in the morning. I had been told I could fume them. Not being big on pesticides and not really wanting to be chased by these guys, I opted out of this idea. Oh, I watched every night to see if I could follow them and see where they lived, never to any avail. I even had one person tell me that her dad had tied a string to one’s leg, and they would fly awhile and rest. She said her dad followed one right home one night! The colony was so big, that when he lit the match to throw “It Lit up Like Shea Stadium”! Hey, I totally believe her, but did I want to try and pin a yellow jacket down to tie a string to its leg. I don’t think so! We did June bugs that way when I was a kid, but they didn’t sting!  Trying natural ways over chemicals is always my goal. A good friend and naturalist, mentioned to me a natural way to get rid of these pests.  A bowl of vinegar and a drop of dish soap. That is it! I concocted this very simple inexpensive remedy.  The next morning I had caught hundreds! If you set the trap out before you have a problem, you are more likely to catch the queen. No queen no colony. The other thing that keeps me going is. The remaining ones die at the end of the Summer and the nest is not reused! Yeah! I’m ready this year; my homemade natural traps are set. This is great for fruit flies in your kitchen too! Soak a piece of stale bread in vinegar and place in a bread bag, with some small holes in it. They can get in but they can’t get out!  Cover a bowl with plastic wrap, add vinegar and a dot of dish soap, some small holes and you have another indoor trap. Ant will not crawl over cinnamon so sprinkle it around your kitchen; around the outside of the house anywhere you have a problem. Bonus, you have a wonderful smelling house!  Please remember all wasps defend their nests, but the yellow jackets and hornets are most aggressive. Be very careful, which ever method you choose!




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