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"Local Loofas"


I am always about looking for something that is special or amazes people as they shop at our market. Sometimes these things find me!  A good friend and farmer showed up one day with burlap sack full of Loofas. All different shapes and sizes. Bartering is something that we do here at Zina's Produce. I’ve bartered watermelons for peaches, cucumbers for chicken manure, and now I am bartering for Loofas. I never even knew they grew on vines! I guess I never gave it much thought. I thought they came from the ocean as did most of my customers. I made a sign that read "Local Loofas", and they flew out the door. People were just as amazed as I, to find out that they grew right here in town.  We even left seeds in some so they could grow their own. I was even more blown away by the fact that they are edible when harvested very young, 2 to 3" long .Looks allot like a giant cucumber. The vine grows best in full sun with a fair amount of water and something to grow on .It can grow a big as 30 ft. and has the most beautiful yellow flowers 2-3 inches, and green fruit that grow up to 24 inches in length. Being a soap maker I love to pour my soap into a loofa (while in a loaf pan) letting it fill the whole thing up and when hardens, I slice it! If I use orange or lime  colored glycerine soap , it looks just like a citrus slice! It is a great project for kids, making gifts that are local and organic is all the rage right now. A little glue on a dowel (that they have stained) inserted into a loofa and bingo, instant gift.  I am always amazed at the wonders of Gods nature and my farmers! Thanks Anne.


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