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Making Butter in a Jar !

You will need;

      A quart jar with a tight lid

      A handy dish towel

      3 cups heavy cream, at room temperature

Pour your cream into the jar and screw on lid tightly.  Hold dish cloth around the lid and begin to shake your jar of cream. Shake back and forth and within 20 minutes you’ll start seeing little yellow specks of butter forming. Keep on shaking, and you’ll have a nice size lump of butter in your cream. Drain off buttermilk (the leftover cream from the butter) into a container and put the lump of butter (which will be very soft and pliable) into another container with lid. Place in your refrigerator or somewhere cool so it can harden. It is ready to use at any time, soft or hard. Then with your leftover buttermilk you can make a good ole batch of buttermilk biscuits or cornbread to have with your fresh butter!

   We often like to sit on our porch swing or in a rocking chair and read a good book while we’re shaking our butter. I have a friend that told me a story about her parents putting the jar in the trunk of the car. Several “country mile dirt roads" later. Butter! This is a great idea to keep kids busy. My daughter even rolled the jar under her foot while watching a movie. She must get this from my mom, she does this with oranges at Christmas (to really get the juices flowing, same concept as rolling a lemon to juice it up) then she sticks an old fashioned peppermint stick in it for drinking the juice up! We call that a "hard candy Christmas"! That’s a whole other blog. Anyone besides my mom, get a brown sack with oranges, walnuts and hard candy under the tree? When we have our Christmas Hoe Down at our farm, I can’t help myself…..oranges, walnuts and old fashioned peppermint sticks have to be on the venue! I know this has nothing to do with butter , but I love Christmas!


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