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We have a New line of Ebooks!

Things are ramping up for 2014! we are excited to introduce our new

line of Ebooks!

it took us over 2 years to get the licensing worked out! but we know we are making a valuable contribution to local farmers and communities!

here's our latest book:


stay tune for more! thanks!  ~B~



What SoZo means to me...

Hello cyberworld!
I have been beside myself wondering what I can do to spread the word about the great benefits of the products I grow and distribute.
I know that there is a science to encouraging people to buy and promote products, and the corporate giants have this down to an art, with their large budgets anjd ivy league staff.
So how does a small minority business owner like me succeed in achieving my goals?
I really believe in SoZo, and find the health benefits to be a pleasant surprise, it's worth the money to me to use it, so I have the first roadblock covered I believe in the product... now if I only knew what to do next? Anyone out there have any suggestions? Drop by and leave me an email as I sure can use all the help I can get! ~B~

creative flow? SAY NO TO GMO!

Hello cyberworld,
Its been longer than I have wanted it to be since I have indulged myself with the honor of posting a blog into the vast world of the internet. I find myself with a writers block of sorts and find it odd, as anyone who knows me knows to expect me to go on and on about my farm, the ill effects of genetically modified seed, corporate greed, POW/MIA,my Haida pride and a host of other babblings.
In fact the only time im at a loss for words is when im stuffing my mouth with chips or sleeping. (Note to self: listen more)
So for today, I think ifs time to share my thoughts on food security.
Never has a time in any other civilizations that I know of deliberately contaminated their own food supply in exchange for wealth. 3 mile island, chernobyl and all natural disasters put together pale in comparison to the harm from GMO's and nanotechnology.
The plight of the monarch butterfly and many other insects are now suffering the same doom that monsanto and con-agra have put on our future generations.
An activist im not, and don't have a clue about even how to become one, but the closer to me that my food is grown, the safer its got to be!
Check out my website: JFFALASKA.COM. I encourage all who may stumble upon this blog to search the web themselves and find out about food security and gmo's to decide on their( your) own what's happening. I am not a " treehugger" by any sense of the word, I am pro-technology, I just feel strongly that safeguards for my childrens grandchildren should be in place so they will not have to hear " oops sorry about your deformities but hey we made a trillion dollars at your expense" oh well.
Now if I could only think of something to blog about.... :)

700,000 miles in 3 1/2 hours

Hello Cyberworld,
today I am going to reflect on a little adventure I went on last week, while making my 3 1/2 hr trip into the gold mine. It was Wednesday evening and I had just called in sick the night before and was still feeling pretty ill. this was the first time I can remember calling in in at least 7 years but I was wicked sick and am glad that I did.
As I was hooking up my assigned trailer and going over my paperwork and pretrip ritual, I remember glancing around in the terminal and noticing that it was unusually quite, almost eerie. with the fall colors in the trees and the northern lights being out almost every night lately it was odd that it was so black out.
As I rolled out on to the expressway it was still no traffic at all and the moose lights and HID's lit up the road signs their reflections were almost too bright. finally getting into the "big hole"
this freightliner purred like a kitten. I was 104400 Lbs about normal. I was still under the weather, a little feverish but felt totally in control and capable as I thought about the likelihood of moose in my path, which is common, so I settled in and focused intently on my task...
As I rolled out past Eilson AFB, it sinks down to 2 lane and gets dark, I suddenly had a feeling I wasn't alone and flashed back to a time in my youth when I ran team with my father, he always drove from noon till midnight, and I had the midnight till noon shift. often there were times when I would be driving for hours drinking 1/2 coke 1/2 coffee (tasted like crap but worked) and chewed corn-nuts to stay awake, and an oncoming car would approach and my dad's reflection would appear right behind my seat, and startle the daylights outta me!(it looked so ghostlike) he always had his hand on the top of my seat, and would just chuckle and lie back down after a smoke or two.
I began remembering the better than 1/2 million miles we spent together in that Kenworth T800. and all the sights and events we shared. like when the challenger blew up, or when the miners died in the small town in Oregon we had just delivered to the week before or taking a semi into the parking lots of knotts berry farm,universal studios and Disneyland.
I remembered all the huge T/A Truckstops, and the Husky's in Canada. west Edmonton truckland, the mall of America the list goes on and on.
We covered 49 states and all the provinces in Canada. (even Newfoundland) hauled rolled steel from upstate new york to Texas for coca cola, then hauled spaghetti pipe to the beach. (prudhoe bay) then deadhead 1600 miles to get cheap lumber loads out of BC to get back to the lower 48. I could go on for hours and not come close to the things we did together.
Next thing I know, I am calling in to security to gain access to the goodpasture river bridge wow what a quick trip! sure covered a lot of miles though! :)
Thanks for coming with me Dad, I still feel your hand on the back of my seat from time to time...

if anyone is planning on shopping at amazon, I have an affiliate link at my website JFFALASKA.COM please shop through my site, you get the same prices and I get a small fee for referring you from my website, and I sure could use some help, my farm is getting more productive all the time, it's just not quite paying for itself yet, and it's been a year in business this November! I just hope I can hold on that long...
thanks everyone, have a wonderful day! ~B~


useful information?

Good morning cyberspace!
As I reflect on my recent blogging activity, I can't help but wonder if there is any value to what I have been sharing through my blogs whether informational or entertaining, and I have to admit that I enjoy reading them, but am I my only fan?
So what can I share? I am an expert at nothing, and know a little about many things, I have traveled throughout America and Canada, close to 3 million miles to be exact, so I can hold a steering wheel for hours on end, no news there..hmm I absolutely love hydroponic farming, I grow one mean head of lettuce, I know better than most the dangers of genetically modified foods, most everyone has that covered already though.
I know I genuinely want to give back to my community, Fairbanks is a remarkable place, and I have great respect for all who love it like I do, many people live here because they have to, others leave, but Fairbanks goes with them whether they know it or not... when anyone who has spent at least a winter up here, cannot help but brag of their accomplishment! I know of very few other places in the world that can say that.
So here's to you Fairbanks, Let this post stand as my solemn vow to make you a better place, and may all who have been here, have the greatest success! chances are the weather is better wherever you may be!
So if there are any suggestions for topics of this blog, if not I will continue to ramble on with whatever comes in to mind!  JFFALASKA.COM

Brimming with pride!

We have had a great labor day weekend here at JFF, and I see more everyday the joy of growing high quality  Better'N Organic (tm) products!
I was invited to a family gathering, to have soup and quality time, and after our harvest, I was whining of a backache, and elected to send a large bowl of lettuce with some sunflower microgreens sprinkled in, and took a nap.... later the next day, I heard the salad was enjoyed so much that no one even wanted to use salad dressing! Holy cow, coming from my family, who usually go overboard with dressing(much like myself) I was shocked and proud!
I further solidified the fact that I am truly providing the healthiest and most delicious lettuce and Microgreens around!
Thank you family! ~B~

PS. we are making leaps and bounds at our website! please send me any suggestions! thanks in advance! ~ Bill~


time to change gears!

Well, with the cooler weather, I have noticed a buzz in the community that's for sure!
In the extreme climate here in Faibanks, preparation for winter seems to be taken more seriously than in other parts of the country.
All it takes is spending a new years eve under a house fixing/thawing frozen pipes at -50f to learn that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. (Just a guess that never happened to me.)
So as my neighborhood is humming around pruning,canning,storing,covering and tuning up everything in sight, down at JFFALASKA, were getting ready as well, on top of planning for our winter growing cycle.
With hydroponics humidity, vapor pressure, nutrient solubility and a host of other variables come into play when growing indoors when every little molecule of moisture is sucked right out of the air when it's -40 below!
In previous years I have even noticed the city water supply takes on different PH and PPM'S so I think we will be ahead of the game this year, with the benfit of all last years research, The transition should be a snap! Already we have awesome basil,watercress,romaine,greek oregano and parsley started! I am excited to see how things fare this year, but hate to rush things, We still should find time to enjoy the northern lights and the fall colors, and savor some last minute family time, before we all get settled into our winter routines!
Here's to another productive fall. Fairbanks! Might as well suck it up. And get it done!
Bill Johnson

what an awesome planet!

Rolling down the highway last evening at my night job, I was reflecting on a previous blog, where I was talking about the amazing sunrises my creator and employer have provided me, and couldn't help but wonder what was in store for me this morning, my 1301st trip to the gold mine (best guess not too far off)
Much to my amazement, I didn't have to wait for the sun to come up, as the Northern lights were out in full bloom ( farmers talk ha!) Anyway, as I was motoring along I could see their reflection dancing on the hood of my assigned freightliner.
I began to wonder since the lights are the same on both ends of the earth, was someone doing the same thing on the southern end...
I kinda doubt it but you never really can tell now can you?
I had a great time yesterday with my brother in law Dennis harvesting Basil, bibb lettuce & miro- radish.
I have been struggling to figure out a way to keep my basil plants from tipping over in the NFT system when they grow taller, and his wise suggestion was to hold down the rockwool cube simply by using a paperclip! It worked great!
I was preparing to spend cash I didn't have to fabricate some newfangled whatchamacallit that probably wouldn't have worked anyways... Thanks Bro!
I recently updated our website with many new photo's of the farm and a couple from my daily run to the mine, have a great day everyone, and if you find the time, I would love for you to evaluate my website: JFFALASKA.COM not to be self promotional or anything but isn't that one of the perks of blogging?
take care all!

Johnsons family farm- the begining

Greetings all,
Today I am going to be blogging about where it all began, and some of the things I have learned along the way.
Initially I had signed up with a mail order company called
SMC, ( I always liked Tom Bosley) anyway I was going to get rich selling "junk" online and at trade shows etc.. after sinking a couple grand into the idea, I couldn't get a break on the shipping costs, yet they were offering free shipping to all the members in the lower 48. Being hard headed and wanting to run a business I think I run it out longer than I should have... no business plan or nothing just hung ho throwing good money after bad... I still think that if I were to... never mind. ( dogged determination )
After spending close to what it would have cost me to get a business degree, I learned two things: I had the grit it takes to run a business, and I bad no clue what I was doing.
So it was back to the drawing board so to speak.
I totally regrouped and thought about what would make my happy that other people would enjoy.
I know a lot about hauling produce, and the challenges faced by the restaurants in Alaska to get fresh greens here, (for years I thought brown lettuce was normal!)
So I started doing my homework and solicited every resource I knew of to make sure I did it right this time.
After reviewing the demographics I collected with the help of sbdc, I was more excited than ever that I had a winning idea, still no clue how to make it work. I Found a fledgling company called Fairbanks collaborative and the taught me structure and timelines, and helped me put my idea into a plan, and designed me an awesome logo.
After experimenting with a small 36 position hydroponics system I grew basil all winter and sold it to a local market that was just getting started ( homegrown market Fairbanks Alaska ) what a neat feeling it was to see my efforts on the shelf in a display cooler! Wow I was hooked!
So now I am growing in a 600 position system, with another 318' flood & drain system. I pray that someday this all turns into something beneficial to both Myself and the community.

Talk again soon! Thanks for reading!

Please visit my website JFFALASKA.COM I would love any comments or suggestions!



Blogging is fun!

The first of many blogs from Wm. Johnson proud owner of Johnson's family farm[Read More]

Moving and Shaking in Alaska!

Hello everyone!
I spent the last hour producing the most entertaining blog you ever read, then I went to another window and lost it all! so if you enjoy blogging as well you should save regularly!
after every sentence like I am doing now! :)  let's see where was I? trying to remember what I had just blogged would be a lot harder if I didn't have the benefits of SoZo!
initially I was wishing all the local gardeners well, cause we had our first frost warning this AM, then I was talking about becoming the first independent distributor of the Aerogarden in Alaska.
I would like to extend and invitation to all who read this to visit our farm this Sunday from 2-4 pm! we will be promoting the Aerogarden and SoZo as well as answering any questions anyone might have about hydroponic farming! 

hope to see you!

JFFALASKA,LLC becomes Independant distributor of the AeroGarden!!!!

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