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What SoZo means to me...

Hello cyberworld!
I have been beside myself wondering what I can do to spread the word about the great benefits of the products I grow and distribute.
I know that there is a science to encouraging people to buy and promote products, and the corporate giants have this down to an art, with their large budgets anjd ivy league staff.
So how does a small minority business owner like me succeed in achieving my goals?
I really believe in SoZo, and find the health benefits to be a pleasant surprise, it's worth the money to me to use it, so I have the first roadblock covered I believe in the product... now if I only knew what to do next? Anyone out there have any suggestions? Drop by and leave me an email as I sure can use all the help I can get! ~B~

creative flow? SAY NO TO GMO!

Hello cyberworld,
Its been longer than I have wanted it to be since I have indulged myself with the honor of posting a blog into the vast world of the internet. I find myself with a writers block of sorts and find it odd, as anyone who knows me knows to expect me to go on and on about my farm, the ill effects of genetically modified seed, corporate greed, POW/MIA,my Haida pride and a host of other babblings.
In fact the only time im at a loss for words is when im stuffing my mouth with chips or sleeping. (Note to self: listen more)
So for today, I think ifs time to share my thoughts on food security.
Never has a time in any other civilizations that I know of deliberately contaminated their own food supply in exchange for wealth. 3 mile island, chernobyl and all natural disasters put together pale in comparison to the harm from GMO's and nanotechnology.
The plight of the monarch butterfly and many other insects are now suffering the same doom that monsanto and con-agra have put on our future generations.
An activist im not, and don't have a clue about even how to become one, but the closer to me that my food is grown, the safer its got to be!
Check out my website: JFFALASKA.COM. I encourage all who may stumble upon this blog to search the web themselves and find out about food security and gmo's to decide on their( your) own what's happening. I am not a " treehugger" by any sense of the word, I am pro-technology, I just feel strongly that safeguards for my childrens grandchildren should be in place so they will not have to hear " oops sorry about your deformities but hey we made a trillion dollars at your expense" oh well.
Now if I could only think of something to blog about.... :)
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