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Blogging is fun!

Hello cyberworld!
I had a great idea for a regular blog, and I think I might just have a knack for it.
My life consists of three distinct categories ( more when I listen to the voices in my head) but for the sake of argument we will call it just three for now...
The first is my Trucking life where I get paid to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery Alaska has to offer.
The second is JFFALASKA,LLC the parent company of Johnson's family farm.
Then there's my home life, where more often than not I find things out after the fact, because of the other two categories.
    I am very fortunate to have the most awesome wife and children.(who are mostly grown)
My wife since 1992 Christine, who successfully maintains a 4.0 GPA at UAF, tends to her mother Betty, two spoiled rotten dogs named mary and miko, and somehow manages to keep tabs on our 16 year old son Summit.
      My oldest step daughter Bonny is deep in the heart of dixie in a little place called "nooorlens"  :) ( New Orleans) best I can tell, she and her husband Charles tend to two wonderful children (Kiya & Haydon) and run their family cleaning business. I worry about them often, but Bonny is one tough cookie, and a Sandra Bullock look alike to boot!
        My second Step Daughter Carli, is married to an awesome soldier named Ryan, and they have a gorgeous 2 year old named Rialee, and another one on the way. its so awesome spending time with all of them, we just don't do it enough :(
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