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JFFALASKA,LLC becomes Independant distributor of the AeroGarden!!!!

Hello cyber world!
I really like to blog, just seems that I never have the time.. guess I should make some.
Johnson's family farm is getting closer to seeing its first month on its own feet! everyone loves our products (including us!) and they have been easy to sell. we are growing more Basil,lettuce and micro greens than you can shake a stick at! next weeks harvest is going to be quite large in comparison to previous ones. cant sell it if we don't get the product out there, right? we are also beginning trials on Greek oregano,watercress, cilantro and other herbs as well!
We are also the first independent distributor for the Aerogarden in Alaska (that we know of anyway) the company has shifted to an Amway or Mary Kay style marketing and started only two months ago! talk about getting in on the ground floor! I am very excited to have this opportunity! We all know how the Mary Kay founders are doing financially right now hehe...
I am looking for 6 people who would also like to become distributors, it doesn't cost much, 39.00 distributor fee and then a product order.. they have several different packages, I ordered the cheap one (350.00 ish) for two aerogrows and two seed kits. already have one sold when it gets in! WOW :-)
I am looking into marketing supplies and logo's and such right now, I will hear back from them on Monday.
anyone interested in becoming a Distributor can go to:
to get signed up, or feel free to call me at 907-374-1822 to leave a message or 907-529-3553 Cell 
Here's hoping everyone has a great week!  ~B~
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