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time to change gears!

Well, with the cooler weather, I have noticed a buzz in the community that's for sure!
In the extreme climate here in Faibanks, preparation for winter seems to be taken more seriously than in other parts of the country.
All it takes is spending a new years eve under a house fixing/thawing frozen pipes at -50f to learn that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. (Just a guess that never happened to me.)
So as my neighborhood is humming around pruning,canning,storing,covering and tuning up everything in sight, down at JFFALASKA, were getting ready as well, on top of planning for our winter growing cycle.
With hydroponics humidity, vapor pressure, nutrient solubility and a host of other variables come into play when growing indoors when every little molecule of moisture is sucked right out of the air when it's -40 below!
In previous years I have even noticed the city water supply takes on different PH and PPM'S so I think we will be ahead of the game this year, with the benfit of all last years research, The transition should be a snap! Already we have awesome basil,watercress,romaine,greek oregano and parsley started! I am excited to see how things fare this year, but hate to rush things, We still should find time to enjoy the northern lights and the fall colors, and savor some last minute family time, before we all get settled into our winter routines!
Here's to another productive fall. Fairbanks! Might as well suck it up. And get it done!
Bill Johnson
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