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Brimming with pride!

We have had a great labor day weekend here at JFF, and I see more everyday the joy of growing high quality  Better'N Organic (tm) products!
I was invited to a family gathering, to have soup and quality time, and after our harvest, I was whining of a backache, and elected to send a large bowl of lettuce with some sunflower microgreens sprinkled in, and took a nap.... later the next day, I heard the salad was enjoyed so much that no one even wanted to use salad dressing! Holy cow, coming from my family, who usually go overboard with dressing(much like myself) I was shocked and proud!
I further solidified the fact that I am truly providing the healthiest and most delicious lettuce and Microgreens around!
Thank you family! ~B~

PS. we are making leaps and bounds at our website! please send me any suggestions! thanks in advance! ~ Bill~


Johnsons family farm- the begining

Greetings all,
Today I am going to be blogging about where it all began, and some of the things I have learned along the way.
Initially I had signed up with a mail order company called
SMC, ( I always liked Tom Bosley) anyway I was going to get rich selling "junk" online and at trade shows etc.. after sinking a couple grand into the idea, I couldn't get a break on the shipping costs, yet they were offering free shipping to all the members in the lower 48. Being hard headed and wanting to run a business I think I run it out longer than I should have... no business plan or nothing just hung ho throwing good money after bad... I still think that if I were to... never mind. ( dogged determination )
After spending close to what it would have cost me to get a business degree, I learned two things: I had the grit it takes to run a business, and I bad no clue what I was doing.
So it was back to the drawing board so to speak.
I totally regrouped and thought about what would make my happy that other people would enjoy.
I know a lot about hauling produce, and the challenges faced by the restaurants in Alaska to get fresh greens here, (for years I thought brown lettuce was normal!)
So I started doing my homework and solicited every resource I knew of to make sure I did it right this time.
After reviewing the demographics I collected with the help of sbdc, I was more excited than ever that I had a winning idea, still no clue how to make it work. I Found a fledgling company called Fairbanks collaborative and the taught me structure and timelines, and helped me put my idea into a plan, and designed me an awesome logo.
After experimenting with a small 36 position hydroponics system I grew basil all winter and sold it to a local market that was just getting started ( homegrown market Fairbanks Alaska ) what a neat feeling it was to see my efforts on the shelf in a display cooler! Wow I was hooked!
So now I am growing in a 600 position system, with another 318' flood & drain system. I pray that someday this all turns into something beneficial to both Myself and the community.

Talk again soon! Thanks for reading!

Please visit my website JFFALASKA.COM I would love any comments or suggestions!



Blogging is fun!

The first of many blogs from Wm. Johnson proud owner of Johnson's family farm  [Read More]

Moving and Shaking in Alaska!

Hello everyone!
I spent the last hour producing the most entertaining blog you ever read, then I went to another window and lost it all! so if you enjoy blogging as well you should save regularly!
after every sentence like I am doing now! :)  let's see where was I? trying to remember what I had just blogged would be a lot harder if I didn't have the benefits of SoZo!
initially I was wishing all the local gardeners well, cause we had our first frost warning this AM, then I was talking about becoming the first independent distributor of the Aerogarden in Alaska.
I would like to extend and invitation to all who read this to visit our farm this Sunday from 2-4 pm! we will be promoting the Aerogarden and SoZo as well as answering any questions anyone might have about hydroponic farming! 

hope to see you!
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