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Good morning cyberspace!
As I reflect on my recent blogging activity, I can't help but wonder if there is any value to what I have been sharing through my blogs whether informational or entertaining, and I have to admit that I enjoy reading them, but am I my only fan?
So what can I share? I am an expert at nothing, and know a little about many things, I have traveled throughout America and Canada, close to 3 million miles to be exact, so I can hold a steering wheel for hours on end, no news there..hmm I absolutely love hydroponic farming, I grow one mean head of lettuce, I know better than most the dangers of genetically modified foods, most everyone has that covered already though.
I know I genuinely want to give back to my community, Fairbanks is a remarkable place, and I have great respect for all who love it like I do, many people live here because they have to, others leave, but Fairbanks goes with them whether they know it or not... when anyone who has spent at least a winter up here, cannot help but brag of their accomplishment! I know of very few other places in the world that can say that.
So here's to you Fairbanks, Let this post stand as my solemn vow to make you a better place, and may all who have been here, have the greatest success! chances are the weather is better wherever you may be!
So if there are any suggestions for topics of this blog, if not I will continue to ramble on with whatever comes in to mind!  JFFALASKA.COM
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