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creative flow? SAY NO TO GMO!

Hello cyberworld,
Its been longer than I have wanted it to be since I have indulged myself with the honor of posting a blog into the vast world of the internet. I find myself with a writers block of sorts and find it odd, as anyone who knows me knows to expect me to go on and on about my farm, the ill effects of genetically modified seed, corporate greed, POW/MIA,my Haida pride and a host of other babblings.
In fact the only time im at a loss for words is when im stuffing my mouth with chips or sleeping. (Note to self: listen more)
So for today, I think ifs time to share my thoughts on food security.
Never has a time in any other civilizations that I know of deliberately contaminated their own food supply in exchange for wealth. 3 mile island, chernobyl and all natural disasters put together pale in comparison to the harm from GMO's and nanotechnology.
The plight of the monarch butterfly and many other insects are now suffering the same doom that monsanto and con-agra have put on our future generations.
An activist im not, and don't have a clue about even how to become one, but the closer to me that my food is grown, the safer its got to be!
Check out my website: JFFALASKA.COM. I encourage all who may stumble upon this blog to search the web themselves and find out about food security and gmo's to decide on their( your) own what's happening. I am not a " treehugger" by any sense of the word, I am pro-technology, I just feel strongly that safeguards for my childrens grandchildren should be in place so they will not have to hear " oops sorry about your deformities but hey we made a trillion dollars at your expense" oh well.
Now if I could only think of something to blog about.... :)

useful information?

Good morning cyberspace!
As I reflect on my recent blogging activity, I can't help but wonder if there is any value to what I have been sharing through my blogs whether informational or entertaining, and I have to admit that I enjoy reading them, but am I my only fan?
So what can I share? I am an expert at nothing, and know a little about many things, I have traveled throughout America and Canada, close to 3 million miles to be exact, so I can hold a steering wheel for hours on end, no news there..hmm I absolutely love hydroponic farming, I grow one mean head of lettuce, I know better than most the dangers of genetically modified foods, most everyone has that covered already though.
I know I genuinely want to give back to my community, Fairbanks is a remarkable place, and I have great respect for all who love it like I do, many people live here because they have to, others leave, but Fairbanks goes with them whether they know it or not... when anyone who has spent at least a winter up here, cannot help but brag of their accomplishment! I know of very few other places in the world that can say that.
So here's to you Fairbanks, Let this post stand as my solemn vow to make you a better place, and may all who have been here, have the greatest success! chances are the weather is better wherever you may be!
So if there are any suggestions for topics of this blog, if not I will continue to ramble on with whatever comes in to mind!  JFFALASKA.COM

time to change gears!

Well, with the cooler weather, I have noticed a buzz in the community that's for sure!
In the extreme climate here in Faibanks, preparation for winter seems to be taken more seriously than in other parts of the country.
All it takes is spending a new years eve under a house fixing/thawing frozen pipes at -50f to learn that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. (Just a guess that never happened to me.)
So as my neighborhood is humming around pruning,canning,storing,covering and tuning up everything in sight, down at JFFALASKA, were getting ready as well, on top of planning for our winter growing cycle.
With hydroponics humidity, vapor pressure, nutrient solubility and a host of other variables come into play when growing indoors when every little molecule of moisture is sucked right out of the air when it's -40 below!
In previous years I have even noticed the city water supply takes on different PH and PPM'S so I think we will be ahead of the game this year, with the benfit of all last years research, The transition should be a snap! Already we have awesome basil,watercress,romaine,greek oregano and parsley started! I am excited to see how things fare this year, but hate to rush things, We still should find time to enjoy the northern lights and the fall colors, and savor some last minute family time, before we all get settled into our winter routines!
Here's to another productive fall. Fairbanks! Might as well suck it up. And get it done!
Bill Johnson
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