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Brimming with pride!

We have had a great labor day weekend here at JFF, and I see more everyday the joy of growing high quality  Better'N Organic (tm) products!
I was invited to a family gathering, to have soup and quality time, and after our harvest, I was whining of a backache, and elected to send a large bowl of lettuce with some sunflower microgreens sprinkled in, and took a nap.... later the next day, I heard the salad was enjoyed so much that no one even wanted to use salad dressing! Holy cow, coming from my family, who usually go overboard with dressing(much like myself) I was shocked and proud!
I further solidified the fact that I am truly providing the healthiest and most delicious lettuce and Microgreens around!
Thank you family! ~B~

PS. we are making leaps and bounds at our website! please send me any suggestions! thanks in advance! ~ Bill~


Blogging is fun!

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