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Hydroponic Lettuce, Micro greens
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What SoZo means to me...

Hello cyberworld!
I have been beside myself wondering what I can do to spread the word about the great benefits of the products I grow and distribute.
I know that there is a science to encouraging people to buy and promote products, and the corporate giants have this down to an art, with their large budgets anjd ivy league staff.
So how does a small minority business owner like me succeed in achieving my goals?
I really believe in SoZo, and find the health benefits to be a pleasant surprise, it's worth the money to me to use it, so I have the first roadblock covered I believe in the product... now if I only knew what to do next? Anyone out there have any suggestions? Drop by and leave me an email as I sure can use all the help I can get! ~B~


Moving and Shaking in Alaska!

Hello everyone!
I spent the last hour producing the most entertaining blog you ever read, then I went to another window and lost it all! so if you enjoy blogging as well you should save regularly!
after every sentence like I am doing now! :)  let's see where was I? trying to remember what I had just blogged would be a lot harder if I didn't have the benefits of SoZo!
initially I was wishing all the local gardeners well, cause we had our first frost warning this AM, then I was talking about becoming the first independent distributor of the Aerogarden in Alaska.
I would like to extend and invitation to all who read this to visit our farm this Sunday from 2-4 pm! we will be promoting the Aerogarden and SoZo as well as answering any questions anyone might have about hydroponic farming! 

hope to see you!
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