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  (New Egypt, New Jersey)
Newly hatching Americana chicks!
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Hatching Eggs, Chicks, and Mature Chickens Available For Sale

We have available hatching eggs, chicks and fully feathered chickens available for sale.

Chicks are hatching & hens are laying!

Spring is on it's way and chicks are hatching. Our hens have bumped up their egg laying with the longer days. We have set up our breeding pens and will have hatching eggs and chicks/ducklings available. For those gardeners out there, we have a steady supply of manure for your flower and vegetable gardens.

Rabbit Fryers For Sale

Our farm has rabbit fryers available for pick up. $6 per pound. Please call Denise at 609-758-0564.


Chicks are hatching!

We have hatching eggs, chicks and ducklings available from our various breeds. Call for breed availablity.

duck and chicken orders

We are taking orders for whole ducks, chickens and rabbits. We are starting the hatching process and the birds will reach butchering weight by early fall. Put in your order now, to get a tasty heritage bird or rabbit.

Chicken and Duck Eggs For Sale

Our chickens and ducks are still going strong, laying about 3 dozen per day! We will soon be setting up the breeding pens.


heritage breed rabbit fryers for sale

We are taking orders for rabbit fryers from our American and Silver Fox rabbit herds. Please call for availibilty.

Rabbit kits for sale

We currently have American bucks, Silver Fox and Havanas for sale. Please call or email for availablity. We also will have eating rabbits available.

Rabbit and Chicken Manure

We have 50 pound bags of rabbit or chicken manure available for sale. The rabbit manure is mixed with hay/straw, the chicken manure is mixed with pine shavings. Each bag is $5.

Havanas and Silver Fox rabbits

Our black havana doe and black silver fox doe both kindled on October 18th and will be ready to go by December 13th.

American blue rabbits

Our American blue doe had a litter of 10 kits, on September 16th. One died, 8 blue and 1 blue tort are doing well. They are now 5 weeks old, and are eating monsters! They will be ready to go in 3 weeks. All come with full pedigrees.

Chicks, hatching eggs and roosters

Chicks and hatching eggs, available for purchase.

We will have quite a few extra roosters, for anyone who wants to butcher their own birds.

Ducks and more ducks!

Lots of people have been asking us for ducks eggs. Well, this year we ordered 30 more ducks, so once the hens start laying, we will be able to fill all the requests.


Eggs for sale!

Our chickens and ducks have started laying in full force, now that the days are longer again.

We can fill monthly orders and large orders, just give us a call.


Dominque Hatching Eggs for Sale

We will be breeding our Dominque chickens next. This is the oldest American breed, beautiful, cold hardy, docile and lays a brown egg. My daughter won Best in Show twice with our Dominque hens.

Hatching eggs are $1.50 per egg + shipping (if needed).

Chicks are $3 per chick. (Local pick up only)

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