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4H Show

Well fall is here and the leaves keep filling up the chicken's water tubs! Most of our chickens we raised this season look great. Although, I'm upset that my golden-laced Wyandotte rooster does not have the proper comb. He looks like the standard in all other points, except for his comb.

We were at the Laurita Winery a few weeks ago, had a great turnout. The public was very interested in what our family was doing with our chickens and bought a lot of eggs. Hopefully, we will get some new repeat customers out of the event.

Our family is going to the Hunterdon County 4H poultry show on November 20th. We are showing some of our chickens, hanging out with other chickens people is always a good time.


4H Fair

My daughter is in 4H and has been showing her chickens at a few fairs this summer. We went to Stars and Stripes, the Mercer County 4H Fair and Salem County Fair. She won Best in Show out of 61 birds with her Dominque pullet! She received the Fair Ambassdor Award at the Mercer County Fair. This has been a great summer for shows.
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