Borrowed Thyme Farm

  (New Egypt, New Jersey)
Newly hatching Americana chicks!
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Rabbit kits for sale

We currently have American bucks, Silver Fox and Havanas for sale. Please call or email for availablity. We also will have eating rabbits available.

Havanas and Silver Fox rabbits

Our black havana doe and black silver fox doe both kindled on October 18th and will be ready to go by December 13th.

Chicken camp raided by fat fox!

     We had to build outside runs for our chickens. So our laying hens are no longer truly free range. I'm very bummed about this sitution. I love watching them scratching around in the leaves looking for bugs and worms. Last weekend we were at the farm working, so we decided to let the "girls and boys" out for the day. Well, we left to retrieve a forgotten item at another location, we were only gone for about 15 minutes. As were driving back to where the chickens are housed we saw a big, fat fox! It must of have been waiting in the bushes for us to leave. He killed one our Americana hens but didn't get away with her. So we tried our hand for the first time at butchering, by reading a book and wielding the knife. The next night we had fresh chicken for dinner. She was pretty tasty considering she was 3 years old! The fox probably has killed 3 of our roosters and at least 5 hens. So now I'm on the constant quest for fresh green stuff to throw in their outside areas.
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